After five and a half years, I am finding that the technical challenges of maintaining, updating and developing this website are sadly no longer enjoyable. I will not be renewing the contract with my website hosting service provider, and so this website will close down on 31 August 2017.
My interest in the CHRIMES/CRIMES/CHRYMES/CRYMES One Name Study continues, as a personal endeavour, and I may publish my research online using established genealogy websites, but this bespoke website will not continue.
My greatest pleasure has been the contacts with many fellow researchers and I hope that those contacts will continue.
If you are interested in taking over the domain name please let me know.
David Chrimes
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  • - where were the CHRIMESs, CRIMESs, CHRYMESs and CRYMESs established?
    - where are they now?
  • Data
  • - lists of people born with the name CHRIMES, CRIMES, CHRYMES and CRYMES
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  • Stories
  • - carefully researched stories, less formal observations and conjecture surrounding the name CHRIMES and its variants
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  • - photographs of people named CHRIMES, CRIMES and CRYMES
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*760 residence records added to database for the year 1939 (UK)
*171 further Probate/Administration records (UK) added to database
*Grants of Probate/Administration (UK), Travel and Military Enlistment records are now included in database search results
*New Story: Samuel CRIMES - Bigamist and Policeman The facts are stranger than fiction.
*More stories, photographs and data